'Keen to be green', the German Film Commissions' event series on sustainable filmmaking, returns with a special English edition! Hosted in association with the Creative Europe Desks Germany, the event will examine practices of green shooting across Europe and how co-productions can guarantee sustainable filming across borders. 

Specifically reviewing Austria, Germany and France’s green filming standards for productions and particularly international co-productions, for example, how are these sustainable models and standards incorporated into national film funding systems? How do global co-productions ensure each country’s regulations are complied with while handling and maintaining a standard filming practice? And lastly, how are country specific standards implemented and complied with even when filming takes place abroad?

On Tuesday, 7th November 2023 from 11:00 to 13:00, the invited industry guests will give insight into case studies, what to do/not to do as well as offer practical assistance on the subject. 

We are therefore excited to announce the following panellists

Alissa Aubenque, Director of Operations / ECOPROD, France
Nina Hauser, Green Filming Department ÖFI / ÖFI+ / Green Film Consultant / Austrian Filminstitute, Austria
Cécile Laurenson, Co-Founder / Producer Cottonwood Media, France
Julia Mitterlehner, Green Consultant / Lotus Film „The Glory of Life“
Katharina Retzlaff, Speaker of the board / Sustainability / Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA), Germany
Eva Dvořáková Pérez, Producer / Sustainable Consultant for „Hagen“ produced by Constantin 
Helge Sasse, Founder / Producer / Tempest Film „The Glory Of Life“ (2023), Germany
Clemens Wollein, Line Producer "The Glory Of Life" / Lotus Film, Austria

The digital session will be moderated by Philip Gassmann (Green Filming and TV expert) and will be recorded for future reference.

'Keen to be green: Spotlight on co-productions – How to produce green across borders' - Tuesday, 07.11.2023, 11:00 – 13:00 via Zoom

Registration is required. Participation is free of charge. The Zoom link will take you to the event once you have successfully logged in. 

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'Keen to be green: Spotlight on Co-Production - How to produce green across borders'  

7. November 2023, 11 - 13 Uhr 

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